The idea of a clogged toilet may be a bit icky for some of us that most people on Oahu would simply call a professional plumbing service to handle the problem. But if you would like to try and troubleshoot your plumbing problem first before calling us at 808-847-5414, here are some tips:


plumber unclogging blocked toilet with hydro jetting

1. Before anything else, make sure you keep the toilet bowl from overflowing. If the water keeps rising in the bowl, immediately take the tank lid off and close the toilet flapper to stop the water flow. You can also turn the water flow handle behind the toilet close to the bathroom floor.

​2. The first thing you should try out is to use hot water. You can go in the kitchen and boil some water, or you can use a bucket with some hot water from the shower. Just pour it slowly and carefully, and then wait for a few minutes for the water to melt the fats in the clog. This actually works in a lot of cases, and it can make you feel real silly paying for a plumber when such a simple solution is easily available.

3. Another method you can try is to pour dishwashing liquid, liquid hand soap, or even shampoo in the toilet. About 3 seconds of squirts should do just fine. Wait for a few minutes, and then flush while you’re ready with the toilet flapper just in case it won’t work. But it may, since the chemicals in these cleaners can loosen up some clogs. It’s also a bonus that the bathroom ends up smelling much better afterwards.

4. Now if these methods don’t work, it’s time to trot out the plunger. But you can’t just use a regular plunger. You need the plunger specifically designed for toilets, as it has this extra rubber part that extends from the bottom. Find some YouTube videos (see one below) on how to use this properly so you can get the job done without making too much of a mess.


You may need to soften the plunger first under hot water. Then you have to make sure that the plunger covers the whole mouth of the hole at the bottom of the toilet. Once you get a proper seal, pump the plunger a few times with the water a few inches over the plunger. Pull up the plunger, and see if the water goes down. If it doesn’t, then you need to try again. You may have to repeat this several times.

Of course, it’s entirely understandable if you don’t want to deal with a clogged toilet yourself. If that’s the case, you can just call a pro like us, and we can make sure the job is done quickly so you won’t have to see gross sights you can’t unsee. While these tips can help, they’re not always going to work. There may come a time when you will really need a pro to get the job done.

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