Septic Tank Pumping Services For Oahu

oahu septic pumping service, working on commercial cesspool

We offer sewage pumping services for septic tanks and cesspools in Honolulu and the Oahu surrounding area

What is Trenchless Piping?

Allow us at Alpha Omega Plumbing to help your residence or business to clean, clear, and maintain your plumbing, sewage, pipes, and drains. Whether you need domestic, commercial, or industrial drainage services, we are here to help. With fast, efficient service, we will take care of your problem quickly, hassle-free, clear drains, and give you back peace of mind. (Not to mention the fresh air!) Contact Alpha Omega Plumbing at 808-847-5414 for all of your Oahu pump truck service needs. We service all of Oahu, from small residential work to large industrial jobs, we’ve got you covered!

Septic Tank Pumping Process On Oahu

Septic tanks are a simple two-part sewage system – septic tank and a drain field. The septic tank is a watertight box with an inlet and outlet pipe. The waste remains in the septic tank where bacteria naturally work to break the solids down. Do you need to pump and your septic tank? Oahu has many older homes which require pumping every so often to prevent overflow or leaks. We recommend every two years or so for a family of four. Do not let solids build up! Call Alpha Omega Plumbing for an emergency, maintenance, or regular pumping services today.

1. The process is not as costly as other methods that involve digging through pavements and floors.
2. It also allows for the rehabilitation of the pipes while in place.
3. It uses a temporary bypass system that results in minimal disruption of water supply.
4. Since the process only requires minor excavation pits to access the pipe, there’s minimal disruption for the homeowners. It doesn’t result in traffic that excavations in the streets often cause.

Cesspool Pumping Service

Cesspools are still very common on Oahu being they were the original form of waste management in the state. Cesspools are holes in dirt capped by a cement cover. Have you seen something like this in your yard? If so, you need to know these require pumping. Cesspools leach liquids on its own but require a balance of waste coming in and leaching out. If you are concerned about overflows or leakages, give us a call! Be proactive and don’t wait until you have a problem.

Hydrojetter Service

If your lines or pipes are clogged up, we can blast them out! Also known as Hydro-jet cleaning, is a high powered pressure washer that is pushed through piping to blast out blockages and grime. It’s a clean, inexpensive, and most importantly safe way to keep your pipes free from any obstructions which could eventually lead to damages.

Other Oahu Plumbing Services

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  • Storm Drain Cleaning & Pumping
  • Parking Lot Drain Service
  • Manhole & Catch Basin Clean Up
  • Holding Tank Cleaning & Pumping
  • Hydro Vac
  • Flood Relief – Water Removal, Water Extraction
  • Fish Pond Cleaning
  • Hotel, City & County, and Restaurant Maintenance
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