Plumbing excavation services in Honolulu on Hawaii


Open cut trench excavation is the traditional and most popular method for sewer lateral sewer construction, repair, or replacement. Open cut trench excavation consists of excavating a trench for the manual installation of each “stick” or piece of pipe. This method is usually the least expensive method if the pipe is located under non‐pavement areas such as a front or back yard. The open cut trench method involves excavating down to and exposing the existing pipe so that it can be repaired or replaced and then backfilled. If the open cut trench excavation is located in a non‐pavement area the excavation can be backfilled with soil and surface vegetation restored by seed or sod. When the open cut trench excavation is located under pavement the existing pavement must be saw cut and removed, the excavation filled with granular backfill (compacted stone or sand to prevent settlement), and the pavement must be replaced and the end of the pipe repair or replacement. If a small section of pipe is being replaced a Fernco type coupling is used to provide a water‐tight connection to the existing pipe. A Fernco type coupling consists of a rubber sleeve that the pipe fits inside of and is fastened to the pipes using stainless steel bands that wrap around the outside of the sleeve.

Oahu Hydrojetter Service

If your lines or pipes are clogged up, we can blast them out! Also known as Hydro-jet cleaning, is a high powered pressure washer that is pushed through piping to blast out blockages and grime. It’s a clean, inexpensive, and most importantly safe way to keep your pipes free from any obstructions which could eventually lead to damages.

Other Oahu Plumbing Services

  • Commercial Pumping
  • Storm Drain Cleaning & Pumping
  • Parking Lot Drain Service
  • Manhole & Catch Basin Clean Up
  • Holding Tank Cleaning & Pumping
  • Hydro Vac
  • Septic Tank Service
  • Flood Relief – Water Removal, Water Extraction
  • Fish Pond Cleaning
  • Hotel, City & County, and Restaurant Maintenance


  • Can be less expensive than trenchless methods in non‐pavement areas.
  • Applicable for collapsed pipe, severely broken pipe, and heavy root blockages.
  • Does not require roots or debris to be removed from the pipe.


  • More excavation is required than compared to trenchless methods.
  • May require remove of street and sidewalk pavement which increases expense of the repair.
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