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At Alpha Omega Plumbing, we are committed to assisting Honolulu and the surrounding communities with backflow prevention testing services. This job is necessary to prevent water contamination and other severe issues. 

Backflow Prevention Testing Service

What Is Backflow Prevention? 

Backflow is the reverse flow of liquids, gas, or solids into the potable water supply. In other words, water that has already been contaminated with an agent would return from where it came, contaminating the water supply. 

Water supply agencies use backflow prevention systems and devices to keep steady pressure on the water supply to avoid this problem. The device maintains a constant flow in one direction while allowing water to flow through taps, showers, and fixtures.

Backflow Prevention Testing

Now you know how vital backflow prevention is for water supplies and communities. So, how exactly does backflow testing work? 

In a backflow prevention test, a plumber evaluates whether the prevention devices are working correctly. The prevention test is necessary to ensure the water supply will be protected.

At Alpha Omega Plumbing, we perform approved field tests, reports, and other necessary work to ensure everything is in order. Our team then communicates with the respective authorities to work on the results of the different tests. 

Oahu Backflow Prevention Testing Service

Professional Backflow Prevention Testing With Alpha Omega Plumbing

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If you need reliable backflow prevention testing services on Oahu, serving the greater Honolulu area, don’t hesitate to call us at 808-847-5414. We are here to help you and the community through professional and experienced plumbing! 

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