plumber unclogging blocked toilet with hydro jetting


1. The first thing you need to do is to shut off the water flow in the toilet. The valve is usually located under the toilet tank.

2. Then you have to open the tank and see what’s happening inside. While the lid is off, flush the toilet and maybe you can see whatever went wrong.

3. A leaky flapper is often the cause of the problem. It may get stiff over time or it may decay, so you will need to replace it.

4. Or maybe the problem is simply that the flapper is dirty, as minerals may build up on it. Or perhaps the rim is dirty. You can clean the underside of the flapper and the rim where the flapper goes, by using a sponge with bleach. You can also use steel wool or wet/dry (#500) abrasive paper.

5. Sometimes the problem is that when you flush the toilet, the flapper goes up but it doesn’t come down. You can reach down to close it manually, but this can be annoying if you have to do this all the time. So you may have to loosen up the attachments so that it will close on its own.

6. The problem could also be with the chain. Maybe it’s catching on something when you push the lever. Or perhaps it’s too long, and the chain may get under the flapper to prevent it from sealing. You can shorten the chain to fix these problems. Or you can replace the chain entirely with the right length of dental floss.

7. The problem is that the water doesn’t reach the water line properly. This will need you to readjust the valve and float. The way to do this will depend on the design inside the tank.

8. Check to see if the float is leaking or filling with water. If you hear water inside the float when you shake it, then you’ll have to replace it.

9. The ball valve and assembly may also be covered in lime scale that’s causing the problem. You can remove the components and clean it. Descaling may be the solution.

10. You can adjust the float if it’s a ball on an arm. You can do this by turning the small screws on top of the valve. In some cases, you may try bending the arm further down.

11. When you flush the toilet, you have to be sure that the flat ball can move unimpeded. It shouldn’t touch any other part of the toilet. So you need to check that it isn’t scraping against the overflow tube or the side of the tank.


Most of these solutions are simple, so you should be able to do them yourself. Try to fiddle with the parts.

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