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In many plumbing problems, homeowners usually perform simple solutions instead of calling a professional plumbing service like us. But the truth of the matter is that a good plumbing service simply has greater knowledge and better tools compared to a typical homeowner. And one of these advanced techniques is called hydro jetting.

Hydro jetting uses a high pressured jet of water to clean out the insides of plumbing pipes. Unlike other measures that can get rid of clumps of debris, the fierce water flow can also remove grease, scale, and other accumulated items that can cause clogging.

How Does Hydro Jetting Work?

The first thing a professional plumbing service will do is determine if hydro jetting is suitable for the task. A video camera equipment can be used to determine the extent of the blockage, and the pipe’s condition is also checked out carefully. There shouldn’t be any sort of pipe damage or anything that may compromise the waterproof coating on the pipe. In these circumstances, the use of high-pressure water can make things worse as outside soil and rocks can get in.

Once it’s been determined that hydro jetting offers the best solution, a thin, flexible water line is inserted down into the sewer pipe. At the end of this water line is a head with tiny jets that can spray hot water tremendous pressure levels. These jets of water are so strong that they can even reduce tree roots into sludge that can flow freely down the sewer pipe.

Benefits of Hydro Jetting

In many ways, the use of this method offers several distinct advantages over more common methods of unclogging drains.

  • Less damaging to pipes.Unless the water pipe is already in poor condition, it won’t suffer any major trauma from the strong water flow. That’s unlike how these pipes can be damaged by rotating blades and other mechanical solutions.
  • More effective cleaning. When you use a snake, often you just punch a hole through the clog so that the water flow can get through. But hydro jet offers a more thorough solution, because it can get rid of various accumulated sludge that can result in recurring clogs in the sewer. It gets rid of soap, grease, and other debris that mechanical solutions just can’t address.
  • Cheaper in the long run. While hydro jetting is often more expensive than other measures, it may be more cost-effective over a period of time. That’s because it can solve recurring problems. In fact, the period of time in between necessary unclogging treatments can be 4 times longer that when you use mechanical drain snakes.
  • Better for the environment. Some people address the issue of grease and other sludge with chemicals that can pose problems for the environment. That’s not a problem with hydro jetting, since it only uses water.

A professional can make sure that the use of hydro jetting is appropriately and correctly done.

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