Slab Leak Repairs on Oahu

Water leaking from concrete slab porch into room below.

You may have a slab leak if you have noticed your water bill has increased, but you are not using any more water than usual. Detecting a slab leak is more challenging than it is with an above-ground leak, where you can see water leaking from a cracked pipe or broken fitting.

To detect slab leaks, you need help from the experienced plumbers at Alpha Omega Plumbing & Septic and our slab leak services on Oahu.

What Is a Slab Leak?

A slab leak is a water leak that occurs underground, beneath the slab of your Oahu home or business. As water leaks out of pipes underneath the slab, it can cause erosion, creating open areas where the dirt has been washed away.

The longer the leak goes undetected, the more water erosion occurs. Eventually, the slab can become weakened because there is no longer any solid dirt underneath it providing support. In extreme cases, you can be left with structural integrity issues, shifting walls, and other expensive repairs.

How Do I Tell If I Have a Slab Leak on Oahu?

There are several signs you can look for that could indicate you have a slab leak on Oahu. We already mentioned an increase in water bills when you are not using more water than usual. Other signs to look for that could indicate you need slab leak repair on Oahu from Alpha Omega Plumbing & Septic include the following:

  • Damp spots and wet spots on the slab foundation
  • Seeping water or wet spots on the walls around the foundation
  • The sound of running or dripping water even when all water is turned off
  • Water seeping out from the sides of the exterior walls at the lower part where the wall meets the foundation
  • Noticeable water accumulations in specific areas outside the home near the foundation
  • Gaps and cracks in the exterior walls that gradually become bigger
  • The foundation is cracking and sinking
  • Flooring or carpeting over the slab is constantly wet, squishy, or the flooring is raised or pulled apart
  • Mold and mildew that keeps returning no matter how many times you clean

What Causes Slab Leaks?

Slab leaks on Oahu can occur for different reasons. For example, if your home or business has older plumbing lines, they can wear out and start leaking. Older pipes can also start to corrode and rust and eventually burst. Another cause for slab leaks is from vibrations that penetrate into the ground and can cause the pipes to shake loose at the fittings.

Sometimes slab leaks occur when the original plumbing system was not installed properly. Even earthquakes on Hawai’i can cause slab leaks when the magnitude is strong enough to reach Oahu.

What Is Required for Slab Leak Repairs on Oahu?

The first step is to contact the experienced plumbers at Alpha Omega Plumbing & Septic and schedule slab leak services on Oahu. Our skilled technicians use advanced technology and equipment to pinpoint the source of the leak.

Once the leak is located, then repairs can begin. There are different repair options available. One option is to remove a section of the slab above the leak to get to the pipes and make the repairs. Another option is to run a new pipe and bypass the existing pipe. Pipe lining is also another option in some cases.

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